I started using Comfit pads after the birth of my first child. I thank my friend who recommended these to me. They offer good value for money.

- Rashidat

Comfit pads were brilliant after I had my daughter, mainly because these are so soft and well padded. The thickness of these pads provided that extra comfort I needed after a normal delivery.

- Vivian Chuku

After my second delivery the mid wife recommended Comfit to me. I was glad I bought them. The pads I used after my first delivery were not as thick and comfortable as Comfit. These pads are highly absorbent and last longer.

- Juliet Denis


Simply the best talcum powder available. It is smooth, silky and has a pleasant fragrance.

- Marvel Chioma

I have tried many powders in the market but when it comes to quality and fragrance, Morning Rose is the best.

- Ijeoma Wilson

My whole family has been using Morning Rose talcum powder for more than ten years now. The makers have maintained its quality and the fragrance is the best in the market.

- Marian Anderson


I just wanted to say how much I like the Simple ultra-thin pads. They are so light and soft on the skin. Thank you so much for your product.

- Rekia Johnson

I recently changed to your products and I am so happy to have discovered them. I no longer feel itchy after using sanitary pads. Simple Regular feels very soft on the skin and is highly absorbent.

- Gloria Smith

Simple sanitary pads are probably the best sanitary pads in the market right now. My mother used this brand when she was young but Simple pads just disappeared from the market in Lagos. The recently launched Simple with wings is just perfect and my mother picked it up from the store. Thank you mom and thank you Femina.

- Blessing David

I love Simple ultra thin pads which have a very soft feel. Please introduce these pads in the supermarkets as they are far superior to other brands I have used in the past.

- Stella Okenwe